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Room number Three

Veronica gathered her strength as she walked to the next room, she thought of her catholic school teachings and mass services now to gather her spiritual strength in order to deal with this situation properly. This had served her rightly with her husband and children during many a situation with your regular everyday family bickering or bullying of each other or even herself at times. To face any and all situation no matter how cruel or wicked as if God were there in it too, and to know God were inside herself as well to do as he would want to be done. She knew she could have this whole house cleansed and blessed by her priest with nobody the wiser she opened the third door secure in her faith and renewed of courage now. This room had a crib in it and shelves on the walls with toys, she had hoped not to find a child skeleton but felt now after the first two rooms she could just about handle anything that came her way. She looked side ways out of the corner of her eye towards the bed, not really wanting to know what lay there but knew that she would any way. The same big bed with curtains drawn, there were chests and a rocking horse and chair. Pictures of ponies and children riding them covered the walls. A big wooden cabinet in one corner of the room opened to show children's clothes for both a boy and a girl. Her heart sunk, there were dead children's skeleton's in her very own home with her living and thriving family, insane to her that much she knew to be clear now. She pulled back the curtains of pale dust covered yellow to see a very large lump in the bed, when she pulled down the covers she had to look away quickly from the horror and gather herself again. Two small children dressed in full riding clothes and boots lay there as skeleton's holding onto the pony skeleton that lay between them.

The six skeleton closets

These rooms she visited, after the first room with the Lady in her bed of jewels. It was a bit less of a shock what she ended up finding, but just as horrifying all the same. The second room was emptier and had no such finery every where, there were dust covered books on a desk in the corner and many small taxadermy pets around. Butterfly's and flower pressings framed, with some amature oil paintings, this seemed quite the students room indeed. By the bed were rows of journals, and self made scrap books with photo's and other momento's inside. There was a hope chest again here, and a large mirrored vanity dresser with many pressed dried roses placed atop it. A sewing machine in the corner, suggested yet another hobby of choice and some books on cooking with canned fruits and veggies another field of study. There was a very old music player and, a very small closet compared to the first room. Inside she found, one side with clothes, shoes, and hats. The other side with shelves of more books, and what seemed to be old game playing items. Such as jacks, checkers, cards and a big bag of marbles. Even a very old crokque set, still in good condition. Everything covered in so much dust though, who knew for sure. Then she reluctently walked over to the bed and pulled aside the curtains of pale dusty violet with tiny flowers. In the bed another lump, this one smaller she pulled down the blankets. There lay another skeleton dressed in pink with little yellow flowers, long cotton night gown. She had the sense that this person was younger than the other, but had a very mature soul for her age. No jewelry here around this one, but what appeared to be dried flowers and butterflys all around her. Still very disturbing and strange, again she ran out and locked the door this time panting and sweating of fear. She looked down the big long hall with disgust and confusion now. She was sure now of what more lay ahead, she hated and feared it inside at the same time she knew to protect her children, family, and home that she must know what was in there own home. If not only to get rid of it and cleanse this part of the house completely of it all.

You would think she would not be able to keep such big secrets

Laying inside the bed was what appeared to be a very small mound, again she had to see what this mound was in her home. So she pulled back the covers to uncover the shock of her life, a skeleton dressed in a white silk night gown with a diamond covered crown and jewels all over and around her body. Veronica wanted to scream, but instead suddenly an overwhelming sense of protection swept over her whole being to protect her family from ever seeing this or anyone else! Just imagine the Town's people's gossip at this one, and her poor Vincent this could very well be a distant family member of his how awful!! Then another stranger thought crept into her mind, the bragging he had always done. One time she had remembered him saying, very proudly. My skeletons run so deep in my family, we don't even put them in graves just keep them right at home for everybody to see. Then he and other town members had all laughed very long and loudly at there little joke telling. Now, this joke seemed like a terrible horrifying nightmare to her. Did her husband in fact, already know this body was laying inside there home with there children around? Her mind wouldn't except such a practical level headed man, being so thoughtless or cruel to do such a thing. Of course he didn't know, and he never will. It seemed crazy especailly to Veronica but, this thought in her mind about him never knowing about this body. It really didn't seem to come from inside her but from the body laying in the bed. Then she felt such a big feeling of dispair and fear, she turned quickly and ran out of that room locking the door again behind her. Her feelings were that nobody must know of this, she was just thankful then that these old rooms had all been locked up. What if her children had found this horrifying sight, they would be terrified forever of there own home most likely. She then thought, just what is in those other five rooms? Her hand holding the big ring full of keys, began to shake just a little at this thought.